Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Balmain of The Moment

It's been a fun and busy weekend here in New York City, crisp sunny weather, streets laden with coffee shops, Halloween costumes which often looked like regular Times Square fare, and of course always up to date street fashions which you swear you will emulate next week in your own City. In the meantime I've had less time to RedPoppy and read some of my favorite blogs **sigh**, so let's get to it and take a look at 'Fashion's Dress of the Moment' for the holiday season (according to Grazia): Presenting Balmain's gold mini dress in all its deep V, angular shouldered, and slit to there glory...Do you think this dress deserves all the hype? Would love to hear your thoughts...xoxo
Images courtesy of Grazia


Freja said...

Always a pleasure reading your posts:)


La Petite Anglaise said...

I have to say, this dress really IS worth all the hype. It is unapologetically sexy, shamelessly flashy and proudly disobeys the 'legs or cleavage' rule that designers and style setters alike generally adhere to. Balmain wows us all, yet again. X


RedPoppy said...

Many thanks Freya! x

RedPoppy said...

Ella, I loved reading your insights as always! Thank you xo