Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Runway Episode 10: The World According to Michael

It's off to LA's famed Rodeo Drive this week where our very own revered judge Michael Kors personally delivers the next challenge to the designers from the confines of his very own shop. (When Tim had told the designers earlier that they would be meeting with a top world designer, I was thinking Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada, etc. Silly me what WAS I thinking?) Michael tells the designers that his collections have always been inspired by many glitzy travel spots around the globe, so each designer must choose one of Michael’s favorite locales and use them as inspiration for their runway look. We’re talking New York’s Park Avenue, Palm Beach, Hollywood, St Tropez, Santa Fe, Aspen, know, explosively showy places where Michael loves to party!
Back at the workroom it seems the only designers who have any clue what they’re doing are Irina and Carol Hannah. And by the look of Logan’s plans so far I’m asleep and hoping for an Auf. I must add a fun fact here: Christopher can do a hilarious on-spot imitation of Michael Kors! and that's pretty much it...

It’s critique time everybody, as Tim waltzes in to analyze the major lack of wow factor going on in the room. The appropriate word for most of the designers according to Tim is Cliché, 'cos pretty much everyone is cliche'ing it so far except for Irina, whose ribbed caramel cowl-neck sweater is already looking Aspen-inspired fabulous! What the hell is Nikolas making out of jersey by the way? Doesn’t look anything like Greece to me. And need I mention what the ugly daylights is Christopher making this week with his already scary inspiration of turquoise land Santa Fe? Althea (who’s sporting a very blonde mullet this week) confirms my query with a quote of the week: "If Christopher can send his outfit down the runway and not get eliminated, then I don't know what....."

It’s runway time and I must say the looks coming down the runway are boring me to death. In fact I can barely stay awake long enough to write this recap! Ok, I sit up and take a swig of diet Sprite and I am once again focused on the snooze worthy task at hand. So, Logan's very basic jeans and t-shirt (although I like the tiny striped neckline detail) says ‘boring’ instead of ‘Young Hollywood’ which was supposed to be his inspiration. Michael Kors echoes our bored sentiments and passionately suggests “make an outrageous shape ! do something! They're clothes, not fashion.” Ouch. Heidi, on the other hand doesn’t mind the laid back look., and ‘80’s teen model judge Milla Jovovich shoots back at Heidi and says: “ “This isn't Project "I don't mind it," he's gotta take it up a notch!” Nice

Nikolas’ bandage-top outfit and horribly tight grey pants are just wrong, and Michael informs Nikolas that he has the wrong Greece. Instead he’s created ‘Grease’ the movie. Carol Hannah’s flowy summer dresss is perfectly inspired by :Palm Beach. It’s pretty but I don’t love the color and print. I wish it was brighter, maybe a coral tone thrown in. But Nina loves the print and braiding detail, and ‘80’s teen model-turned-judge Milla Jovovich announces she would wear this at home. Meanwhile Christopher’s “I was inspired by rocky buffs” look has neither a hint of inspiration nor Santa Fe. Michael wants to know where's the American West in all of this? Milla loves the belt which Christopher obsessed over whilst ignoring the rest of his look, and Heidi thinks its ugly and unwearable. Then let him go already!!!

Irina's Winning Design
If it was up to me I'd Auf Logan, Christopher, and Nikolas. But it's not, and only one can go (darnit). There was justice this week however as Irina was declared the rightful winner! Her caramel-hued luxe look with faux fur vest and impeccable brown pants said Aspen all the way, champagne in the ski lodge included. It looked spectacular!

Well guess who was in the bottom 2 yet again? Yep, our man Christopher, and nutty Nikolas. Meanwhile Logan manages to coast back to safety yet again, no doubt on his producer and viewer-pleasing looks. As I watched in anticipation of Christopher’s certain Auffing, wait WHAT???? Chris is IN?????????????????COME ON! Are they doing this on purpose? Nikolas is annoying in a self proclaimed odd sheep herder kind of way but not nearly as annoying as Christopher's tasteless visions which have hit bottom two for the past 4 weeks! Is Christopher on Project Runway tenure here????? I'm out......

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threepurplebirds said...

lol about runway tenure - watch him make it to fashion week! they wouldn't...right??

RedPoppy said...

seriously!! If he's still here on thursday night I quit