Friday, October 9, 2009

Project Runway Episode 8: 'Designers and Divorcees'

As Carol Hannah says, people ain't going home for lack of talent...This week on PR the designers were presented with new models in a variety of hideous wedding gowns. In fact it's a gaggle of outgoing divorcees and the designers' challenge is to recreate their original bridal gowns into something hip and wearable. With only 15 mins. to shop at Mood (that's just enough time to walk into the store) and a sketching session with the divorcees, the designers are off to find creative ways to transform those piles of white polyester and acetate. On an emotional side note we discover that Gordana is also a divorcee and mother and this challenge proves to be a tearjerker. Carry on....

Tim pops into the workroom and admires Irina's dye job, questions Epperson's lab coat creation, and balks at Logan's wool pants suit. Shirin's straight and yard-lite wedding gown is a major challenge, and her design looks a potential 'Auf.' Sweet moment alert: Tim puts his arm around Shirin as she sheds some hot tears. I love him. Tim, pick me, love me, hug me. Meanwhile at the final fitting Nicolas' model is so happy with his creation for her that she gleefully tells him "I want to have your child." Cue to Nicolas about to pass out on the floor. By the way Tim is "bring in the divorcees" announcement happy!...


It's Runway time! And believe it or not, Michael Kors is still back. Knock on wood. Irina's lace metallic dress is the first down the runway and boy is it gorgeous and fresh. Love the color, love the lace. She's my personal pic for winner this week, even though she's won twice before and she's a huge biatch. Carrying on, Shirin's model looks a bit like she's working the night shift, although kudos to Shirin for coming up with the 'I just narrowly saved my butt' top stitch design. Meanwhile I, along with Heidi, am speechless over Logan's model, who looks vile and unflattered in every possible way. Ill-fitting pants with wobbly wool crotch and fat-inducing ruffled top. Judge Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo shoes boss, calls it a tragedy (dramatic much?) I completely agree.




Carol Hannah's dress

Carol Hannah's frothy mauve dress is perfect and flirty, and Nicolas' outfit of pants, blouse, and ivory corset top with knit thingies shows no traces of a wedding gown, and I'm shocked he is not in the bottom five. Christopher's creation looks like a very crumpled organza garbage bag and Michael rips him another this week, calling his dress tin foil and a metallic garbage cinch sack. Heidi likens Epperson's dress to Germany's Oktoberfest, while Gordana's piecey creation is praised by all the judges, and she is the winner of the challenge. Finally. The tears paid off! Meanwhile Epperson is Out, but between you and me it should have been Logan. At least Epperson would never voluntarily make a woman look like overweight Cool Whip on a wool muffin top....

Gordana's Winning Design

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threepurplebirds said...

i loved irinas! i think she should have won.

*ReadHedGirl* said...

I was laughing throughout this entire episode