Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doc Martens Nostalgia

I'll always remember that crisp winter day in London's Covent Garden when my mother took me and my siblings to the Dr. Martens shop to buy me my first pair of Made In England Collection Classic 3 eyelet Gibson Docs in Cherry Red smooth leather. I wore those iconic shoes with the distinct yellow stitching for years until I discovered heels. The point is Doc Martens have been part of British and world subculture ever since everyone went wild for them in the 80's & '90's, and thanks to this Fall/Winter's 1980's fashion resurgence I have a feeling these pavement kickers will be enjoying the spotlight once again. Available at the official Dr. Martens store online.


Trish said...

Great memories of those shoes! I haven't thrown one pair out.

Moo G Clips said...

oh my gosh, what memories!! i can't even remember how many pairs i had. nothing like buying "docs" in Covent Garden.

RedPoppy said...

I know!!!