Monday, February 13, 2012

Selling Your Precious: Birks Gold Exchange

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is full speed ahead here in New York City, and one can't help but notice the hundreds of well-dressed fashionistas flocking around the city in black sky-scraper Louboutins, fluffy oversized fur jackets, and wrists covered in chunky glittering jewelry. It's the stuff of fashionable daydreams, and the subject of much accessory envy. Who doesn't want their entire arm laden in gold cuffs, mismatched bangles, and paired with a chunky watch or two? It's a look that is pure chic luxe, and manages to transform any old outfit into solid gold. However in this economic age where accessorizing like the best of them can sometimes be financially challenging, we inevitably find ourselves running home and sifting through our little modest pile of unchunky gold jewelry gifted to us on our 19th birthday, with visions of throwing it into a biblical fire and watching it transform into a giant golden calf. Er, or perhaps some new gold earrings.

Selling your precious metals for cash is actually a much better idea, and one that fashionable people all across the globe are taking advantage of. When it comes to selling your gold that you'd rather toss out the nearest window, you can absolutely trust Canadian luxury jewellers Birks Gold Exchange. They will handle your goods with the utmost care, security, and environmental responsibility. Then say goodbye to your daydreams, since you will have extra money in your pocket with which to buy a whole new accessory wardrobe....!
Sell Gold through Birks

-(This is a sponsored post written in my very own fashionable words...)

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ahnn said...

Selling your unused gold and silver stuff can be a good way to earn cash. There a lot of places/stores where you can sell silver and gold.