Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paris Fashion Week is ALMOST OVER!! Just a few more shows: Chanel Fall 2010's Arctic Blast

Chanel's Fall collection looks like a scene from 'The Golden Compass,' with sliding Polar Bears, ice caps, and gigantic furry animals. Amidst some very unattractive furry pants and jumpsuits (most of which I chose not to show), there were lots of amazing wintery tweeds, knits, and icy accessories, slightly distracted by the very large "Bigfoot" boots. According to WWD Karl Lagerfeld had a real-life iceberg imported from Sweden which sat in the middle of the already glacial Grand Palais. Not a slight waste of money or anything, but then again if anyone would have some extra cash to spend on ice sculptures it would be Karl...

Ugh, I can barely look at Coco Rocha in these unflattering furry dungarees.

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