Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leap Year

'Leap Year,' the latest romantic movie set in Ireland and starring redhead Amy Adams, has received the most horrendous reviews since 'Year One.' The plot was unbearably predictable (I guessed pretty much all the lines before they were uttered) and the snail pace beginning left me bored and confused.

However the minute Leap Year arrived in Ireland, despite all the expected visual gags and turns, I couldn't help but become filled with a deep redhead longing to live upstairs in a Pub and amongst Ireland's breathtaking rustic beauty. I loved the cozy bed and breakfasts, the rocky terrains, and actor Matthew Goode's surly but brogue-ishly handsome 'Declan' was a pleasure to look at and listen to. Made me want to run around and outfit every man on the street in wooly jumpers (British speak for sweaters) and brown corduroy trousers....
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Trish said...

Loved this movie!