Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sephora Sets

NARS Wild At Heart 15 Year Anniversary Palette ($87 Value) for $75. It's a gorgeous palette (which happens to be perfect for the redhead makeup bag) that celebrates NARS' 15 Year Anniversary by featuring some of their most popular products, including The Multiple in South Beach and Blush in 'O'.

Glamorous 360 Deluxe Palette ($130 Value) for just $36. It's an all-in-one makeup kit for the complexion, eyes, and lips. Now that's what I call deluxe!

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AshleyOhio said...

Gah I love Sephora. Problem is I go in to buy one thing and spend over 100 bucks on other goodies! I need to go redeem my bday giveaway...again I'll spend way too much money!

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment! I do too, and it's like shopping at Target. You go in to buy a toothbrush and $75 later you wonder what happened!