Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010: Decade of the Redhead Bombshell's Editor in Chief Daniel P. Dykes has written a fabulous article on natural Redheads (note: no coppery looking fakes) becoming the next major hair trend of 2010. About the alluring color he writes, "If it were a formula I could mix up in's offices it would end up 2 parts red hair, 2 parts personality, and 2 parts sexual confidence."
As we've mentioned previously on RedPoppy, redheads in fashion are particularly popular during the Fall months when deep rich colors look fab against red locks. However I'd like to champion the presence of redheads even during the Spring and Summer months which are usually reserved for gorgeous beachy blondes. Springy Pinks, corals, mint greens, yellows, naturals, etc. are so gorgeous on redheads but fashionables tend to overlook just how beautiful and delicate the contrast can be, and instead us redheads are often relegated to the September-November slot. So here's to a new full Decade of the Redhead Bombshell!
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