Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Lips

I've been noticing some seriously red lips lately on the pouts of several Hollywood starlets. Bright red lipstick (creamy, shiny, or matte) can be intimidating, but it always gives the wearer a Herculean status of bold and brave. I own one shiny red lip gloss and I love staring at it, contemplating, as a redhead would, how it will dictate my day if I wear it out in public. Red lips happen to look fabulous on redheads so I urge you to break through your lip gloss comfort zone and step out in bright red lips because you're bold, brave, and beautiful!

Leighton Meester; Photo by Diane Von Furstenberg/Facebook

Taylor Swift; Photo by Tony R. Phipps/WireImage for InStyle.com

Zoe Kravitz; Photo by Sherly Rabbani & Josephine Solimene for style.com

Scarlett Johansson; Photo by Getty Images for thebeautybunny.com

Sienna Miller; Photo by Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo for InStyle.com

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