Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pretty Shops and Kenwood House/Hampstead

I love me a good ol' bright colored shop facade, very European and quaint. I also love me a rare sunny day in London, and today was just that, gorgeous and bright, with blue skies over posh Hampstead and the lush grounds of nearby Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House estates (remember the scene in the movie Notting Hill where Julia Roberts' character was filming a period piece on a gorgeous green heath and Hugh Grant came to see her? Same heath, same house). Along with some very colorful architecture, redheads, and a rare but fascinating sighting of wiry haired director Tim Burton walking briskly along the High Street, it was a perfect London day.

Kenwood House
Director Tim Burton, to the right of the lamp post

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Anonymous said...

Looked like a fab time Red Poppy!