Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2012

Lovely summer day everyone! As I perspired profusely last Thursday whilst waiting for the subway train to finally arrive, I started imagining what it would be like to wear tights again..... I know. This foreign idea scares most people, I mean how can I be wishing for Fall when there is sun, swimming pools, and streets bustling with tourists and out of school wanderers??!! The answer, quite simply is, I long for the fashion look that is complete. I like outfits which require jackets, little boots, opaque things, layers...much like Alexander Wang's Pre-Fall collection of amazingness. The summer is all about skimpy bits, the little top, tiny shorts, wedges....So for the few of you out there who share my arctic wishes, only a month and a half until September!! In the meantime I'll just soak up that sun and stockpile some Vitamin E for when those tights make their first appearance....xo

Images courtesy of Style.com

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