Thursday, April 12, 2012

Selfridges & Co. Shoe Salon Featuring Christian Louboutin

As any fashionista already knows, when in London one does not pass up an opportunity to visit the designer haven Selfridges & Co. Particularly not to be missed is the still novel Shoe Salon on the second floor which comes equipped with both a Chanel and a Christian Louboutin boutique. In fact I made a beeline for the velvet and flower outfitted Louboutin space and basically spent the next twenty minutes drooling over leather and spikes.


Despina T. said...

poso uperoxaaaaaaaa papoutsiaaaaaa!ax t omorfes photos.makari n borusa n t dw apo konta :)

Klavdija.V said...

Ohhhh C.L... im inlove with these shoes!!


Catie Beatty said...

Oh man, all those shoes are so amazing! I haven't been into Selfridges, but I have been to Harrod's, which is similar in pomp & circumstance. It's like a museum you don't have to pay for.

Samatha said...

Selfridges & Co. is the best place to visit when in London-especially for fashion lovers. I visited the place once and how I wish I could bring home all their displayed items.
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