Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I can't believe it's almost August! So much sun and so little time to appreciate it, mostly because it's been so beastly hot on the East Coast and one can hardly appreciate feeling soupy and overheated. Also it's almost September which means we are already seeing truck loads of Fall clothes arriving at your favorite shops. Goodbye raffia wedges, hello patterned tights! I for one can't wait until the wind changes; when the air feels cooler and my brain stops sweating. I also have a massive affinity for Winter accessories and clothing, all year round in fact, so you can always rely on me for some glacial cheerleading!! In the meantime let's keep enjoying the buzzing of lawnmowers and the steady hum of air conditioners, and have a wonderful weekend!
xo RedPoppy

Image courtesy of Elle


lucylu. said...

I can't believe july is over. haha.
cute blog xx

RedPoppy said...

Thanks Lucylu:) I can't either!
x RP

Catie Beatty said...

Even though it's been cool here, it been strangely muggy all summer. So too cold to go swimming, but still sweaty: not fun! I'm sorry you all are having to suffer in temps of 105!

I am very excited about Fall accessories. You should see the pile of furs I've amassing since this past Spring LOL