Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Suiting

Whether it's the dewy warmth in the air, the excited chirping of birds who've arrived for the season, the steady hum of air conditioners dotting long brick apartment buildings, or a milky puddle of melted Good Humor ice cream sandwiches on the ground, Summer has officially arrived. Of course you also can't think about crystalline swimming pools and tip-toe hot sandy beaches without making the all too important decision about what Swimwear to wear!!

Thankfully this Summer season is overflowing with fresh swimsuit and bikini fashions such as playful prints and hot neons, ruffled and crochet finishes, one-shoulder and belted numbers, ruched and draped silhouettes, and of course loads of flirty polka dots and stripes. The best part is you don't have to let your bathing suit fears get the better of you, because most of these fashion trends also come in flattering, sporty, and generously cut styles which hang flirtatiously on the rack alongside those teeny tiny triangle alien string bikinis which, let's face it, look good on just about 1% of the population. So remember that no matter what you put on this summer, just get out there and walk like you mean it!

Swimsuits from Top:
H&M (main image)
Michael Kors
Rosa Cha
MARC by Marc Jacobs
Malene Birger
Land's End Canvas Swim


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songbird said...

i love the one with the ruffles!!!