Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dior Fires John Galliano

Paris Fashion Week kicked off earlier this week in the wake of shocking charges against designer John Galliano. The troubled creative genius who's wowed fashion crowds since 1996 as chief couturier of womenswear at Christian Dior, was suspended from his post on Monday after making alleged anti-Semitic remarks to a couple at a bar in Paris. It wasn't long before the reality of Galliano's prejudiced nature became chillingly clear when a cell phone video surfaced a few days later showing an intoxicated and slurring Galliano stating "I love Hitler," followed by several further disgusting statements. Galliano was fired from his post at Dior, effective Tuesday, and rightfully made an example of to a disbelieving fashion community. At this point in time rehab will only address Galliano's alcoholism, and not the ugly hatred that resides deep within. As a person who is proud to be Jewish I am utterly disgusted by Galliano's remarks, and his behavior should be absolutely condemned. Let us take this opportunity to remember that anti-Semitism is never acceptable and will never be tolerated under any circumstance...

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