Friday, February 4, 2011

Chantal Stafford-Abbott Reaches The Top

I can't tell you how excited I was to meet Quebec-born model Chantal Stafford-Abbott in NYC last year. A refreshingly down to earth vision of gorgeous red hair and freckles, the beautiful 18 year-old Stafford-Abbott is a powerhouse model who has charged the global runways of Fashion Week, and has featured regularly in numerous fashion campaigns and editorials since she first came onto the fashion scene just two years ago. The blue-eyed statuesque stunner, who also happens to be extremely friendly and candid, is well on her way to reaching the top of the fashion heights, and I was only too delighted when Ms. Stafford-Abbott took some time out of her globe-trotting schedule to tell RedPoppy why she is never too far from a climbing wall, and why Redheads are here to stay...

RP- Please describe the first time you became aware of the alluring beauty and power of your red hair.
CSA: When a lady came up to me on the street begging for me to sell her my hair.

RP- Growing up were there any redhead 'Rules' you felt the need to follow?
CSA: The only rule I had to follow religiously was to keep myself in the shade, wear ridiculously (ugly) huge hats to cover my face, and long sleeve shirts even when it was really hot outside! Sunscreen was my number one friend unfortunately. But I thank my mom for making me do it!

RP- What is your go-to lip color?

RP- The fashion industry is finally starting to recognize 'unique' beauty on its catwalks and modeling campaigns. Tell us your experience as a redhead in the modeling world.
CSA: Being a redhead can sometimes be a disadvantage because our hair doesn't always fit the look. But then again you stand out from everyone else and that's usually what clients look for! I can definitely see a trend in the past years; gingers rule! :)

RP- Which colors take up the most space in your closet?
: Greens and Blues.

RP- You've walked the runways for many fabulous designers including Marc Jacobs and Marchesa. What was it like meeting some of your favorite designers for the first time?

CSA: Meeting important designers can be a little bit nerve-racking at first I won't lie. I'm so lucky that I got to work with such talented people in the industry. It's amazing to see the work in process.

RP- What are some of your interests aside from modeling?
Wherever I go I always make sure to bring a journal with me. I love to write, draw and paint. I also love to be active. My parents are both gym teachers and own a rock climbing company. I'm never too far from a climbing wall, because my parents are so obsessed with the sport they had one built in our basement!!! NUTS!

RP- Freckles or Freckle free?
More like FRECKLE. I have so many, they are starting to join into one huge one!

 L: Chantal Stafford-Abbott in 'Gangs of New York', VOGUE US. Feb 2011

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Anonymous said...

hy hun! i haven`t seen you for a while! you are a true ambassador of red heared! xoxo

Karena said...

Loved your interview, she is truly a beauty! Chantal is one I would like to see rockclimbing in adition to her gorgeous runway ensebles.

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RedPoppy said...

Many thanks Gabriela! xo RP

RedPoppy said...

Thank you so much Karena!