Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrity Summer Style: Sunglasses Edition

It's always fun to see what sort of accessories some of your favorite celebrities are wearing, especially when it comes to sunglasses, that summer and all year round celeb staple. I came across an adorably colorful photo of Drew Barrymore in New York yesterday, leaving a photo shoot dressed in a springy dress and stunning hot pink novelty plastic sunglasses, which, by the way, I MUST HAVE!!!! So let's have fun checking out all the different shapes and styles each celeb prefers for shading their peepers, and if you know the specific designer brand any of them are wearing , please do share it with us!...

Drew Barrymore

Lady Gaga goes old school in Ray Bans

Katy Perry

Cheryl Cole

Halle Berry

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Eva Mendes

Kylie Minogue

Taylor Swift

Isla Fisher and daughter Olive

Twilighter Ashley Greene

Katie Holmes

Alexa Chung

Jennifer Aniston

Miranda Kerr (engaged to hottie Orlando Bloom) in Balenciaga

Gwen Stefani

Kim Kardashian likes hers oversized. How on earth does she not get a migraine??

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