Saturday, November 28, 2009

RedPoppy's Room

After staring for a long while at the white walls in my room, imagining what they would look like with swirls of paint or a different color which would inspire framed posters and perfume bottles, I've had my room painted turquoise! I really really love the shade (it's a more intense color in real life than on the computer screen), it sets off all the other colors in the room so well, and when I wake up to a burst of mediterranean sea I can't help but feel inspired for the day ahead. Some snapshots:

My Tim Gunn talking bobble head (bday gift from my sis) Doesn't he look dapper against turquoise?


Esther said...

Love the Tim Gunn bobblehead! Love the room also:)

RedPoppy said...


Moo G Clips said...